“God & Me” Sermon Series

Pastor Jario recently gave an awesome Sermon Series on “God & Me”. Wondering who God is to you or how to dive deeper in your relationship with Him? This is for you!

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Listen on soundcloud!

TREE OF LIFE~ December Series 

NEW YEAR, NEW LIFE~ January Series

CELEBRATE LOVE~ February (Current Series)

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The ODYSSEY Experience…

emmetts We sent out a survey asking those who have attended the Odyssey UC to share about their experiences. Here are the results:

“The Odyssey UC church was great! The atmosphere was very intimate and the sermon spoke directly toward me. The music was nice and peaceful. Everyone was extremely friendly and it was very spiritually nourishing!”

“I’m usually not the person to enjoy the journey to church, no matter where it be, but I CAN say I love it at Odyssey. The slight darkness, yellow light, and wood all around makes me feel happy and welcome there. The smaller room and group of people lets us interact with one another more after service, and the closeness and smallness is one of the things I like most. It feels more like a “together” group, instead of a group with people only put in the same room. Being able to sit close and listen to the speaker and music is also one of the key things about how it is enjoyable for me. It is much more better to listen to a person’s voice and see them in person than stand far away while sounds echo away. And being this close, with a small group, I feel safe because I know everyone there now, whereas in a large service, there are many others that I haven’t met, making it feel uncomfortable. Also the general feel of the air is pretty happy, and feels like it is full of something, not like an empty atmosphere. (I don’t know how to describe it, there aren’t words for it, it is only feel-able).”

“Sermon is always amazing because it’s heartfelt and sincere and demonstrates love and care for all who attend. Atmosphere is great! Love that fireplace & cozy room. Love the relaxed feel of the room and the people who attend and the open hearts of the pastors Jario and Leena. Main thing which stands out is the sermon always, reaches into our hearts, and the laid back approach draws me in.”

“I really enjoyed the services my family attended. I hope we can attend again soon. I like the way Pastor Jario gives many examples and guides the message across different paths to make the main point stand out. Sincerely,  Hope to see you soon.”

“Great atmosphere created by the people, relatable sermon, great music, good length (not too long or short), maybe more light, keep it up!”

“Well, I haven’t attended any church for more than a few times over the past few months, but from what I have seen of Odyssey, I have definitely enjoyed. Every sermon/speech/testimony/comment I’ve heard seemed to give the message of connecting to God’s Heart in a multitude of ways. Understanding his heart, experiencing his heart, observing the actions/results of his heart in small everyday experiences, sharing his heart, etc…And the loving community environment of the church-experience, I think, is the best place to develop one’s Emotional part of the soul, as well as the best place to connect with/experience God’s Heart, and from there, to build God’s Kingdom.”

“I liked the Sermon (common sense + Bible verses). My wife liked the casual seating. Music was good. The restaurant is beautiful. Parking is easy. Length was good (not too long). We liked talking to people after Service. I felt that we could have brought anyone to the Service.”

Have you attended the Odyssey? Feel free to post your experiences below in the comment section.

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It’s been a while…

Dear world of blogging,

It’s been too long! So much has happened in the last several months. Looking back, we’ve completed the first 3 months of our church planting odyssey. Having recently studied the book “Launch” by Nelson Searcy, we realize that we are still in phase 1 of church planting. We’ve been laying the foundation, creating the atmosphere and our identity as the Odyssey UC. We’ve been doing this through weekly Sunday Worship Services, our Service Projects and creating a Church Council.

gratitude treepreach


A very memorable moment was serving in Washington, IL around Thanksgiving. Although only a few of us went, it was an impacting experience. Just  2 1/2 hours south of Palatine, lay a neighborhood torn apart by an E-F4 tornado. We spent 1 day cleaning up and sorting the ruins of an elderly couple’s home. Everything was taken from them. The hardest part was finding a child’s shirt, toy or a scratched wedding photo underneath the piles of debris. Family’s belongings traveled up to 30 miles from their own home. The feelings you experience in such moments of serving are indescribable; we were reminded of all the things in life we often take for granted. At Odyssey, one of our strongest hopes is to help make a difference in our local town and community. We are grateful to have stretched out our arms and helped out this couple in such a difficult time and we hope to continue to make a difference one step at a time.

20131130_114510edit 20131130_122244

20131130_135612 CAM00575edit CAM00577edit

Looking in to the new year, we are finalizing our foundations as we prepare for “phase 2”. We want to make sure our Sunday Service is consistent and awesome; that we create clear budgets and goals; and that we continue to get to know each other on deeper levels. We want to start to prepare ourselves for a change in the Spring. We’ll share more about “phase 2” in another blog entry but basically we’re getting ready for a more public launch.

DSC04822 DSC04823

One step towards this is that we’ll soon be starting up a weekly nursery kids space. We’ve had a cute pop up tent in the back of the room until now- but the kids need more space to run and play. Luckily, we were able to find an awesome room upstairs at Emmett’s for free! This will add a whole new layer of creativity to the Odyssey. As we want to bring in young families, a nursery is a must. Parents need to be able to drop off their children and enjoy worship and a message. That is something we definitely want to offer so we’ll be working towards this.

It’s been an interesting journey; definitely an odyssey. Thanks for all the support and prayers from so many people and thank you to those who’ve chosen to go on this adventure with us. More regular updates and blog entries will be coming in 2014!

Until next time.

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“A House with Many Rooms”

Sermon given on Sunday, October 6 by Pastor Jario

[Next week will be the final message of the “Coming Home” Sermon Series at Odyssey UC. Coming October 20… “Masquerade!”]

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Odyssey Kick Off!

Sunday, September 29th… “My Odyssey”









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“My Odyssey”

Sermon by Pastor Jario from Sunday, October 29th.

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Practice Sunday #2

Another great rehearsal! Sunday, September 22. Photos by Nadia Swenson.







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“Daddy’s Love”

A Sermon by Pastor Jario given on Sunday, September 22.

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Creating a Home

On Sunday we held our first Practice Service, the first of our “dress rehearsal” Sundays! This consists of the Odyssey church plant core team practicing our Sunday Worship Service format from greeting to worship music to the Sermon. We are now in the practice phase and our doors are not yet opened to the public. Listen to Pastor Jario’s Sermon on “Creating a Home” below and enjoy photos taken by Nadia Swenson.  🙂

CLICK HERE to listen to Pastor Jario’s Sermon

DSC04431 DSC04434 DSC04436 DSC04444 DSC04441   DSC04455 DSC04460DSC04448   DSC04468 DSC04465IF

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